Terms and conditions

1. Range of validity
Regarding the business relationship between TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL and the customer who made the order, these general conditions apply exclusively in the version published on the Internet at time of ordering.

2. Contract Termination
Customer ordering products from TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL by online shopping via the internet. The company TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL undertakes to honor the order in conditions stipulated on the website in stock. If the order exceeds the amount of personal consumption, please contact TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL.

3. Sales Order Unfulfillment
In case of typographical errors or miscalculations on the website, TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL is not obligated to honor the offer and take command.

4. Delivery
The ordered products are delivered across the country with Fan Courier courier or through the Romanian Post. The expedition is carried out orders from Jimbolia, location and headquarters of TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL, in the shortest time from receipt of order. Delivery is within 48 hours as courier services. Transportation cost is 10 lei, standard fee.
For orders that exceed the value of 300 lei transportation is free . TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL does not guarantee compliance with delivery time chosen by the client, or for the entirety of the order. If, contrary to expectations, the product is not delivered or if delivery requires an extremely long duration, the amounts paid in advance will be refunded. A mutual contact is needed to clarify the details.
If you are a customer who wants to order products from TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL online shop and delivery address is outside Romania, please contact us.

5. Payment
Once the order has been shipped by TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL, costs must be paid. These include the purchase price and the delivery price.
Personalized bill will be found in the package with the purchased products. The customer can pay in cash or by card system through euplatesc.ro services. In case of a refund the customer bear all the expenses that arise.

6. Compensations
The customer is entitled to compensation only when complaints were ascertained by the competent authorities or if they have been explicitly recognized in writing by TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL.

7. Right detained on property
Delivered products remain property or TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL until payments have been made by client.

8. Warranty
The customer must notify if there are defects with delivered goods immediately upon delivery. If the complaint is entitled and TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL is responsible for the defect, then the command is either replaced or the client get a discount at TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL choice. If a reduction or replacement is not possible or the replacement delivery is delayed, the customer can request a reduction of the purchase price or cancel the order.
If the client withdrawal from the contract, he is obliged to return all merchandise. Refund costs are paid by TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL. TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL responds only for damaged merchandise. Other claims of the customer – no matter which legal basis – are excluded.
In case of lack of guaranteed characteristics or in case of gross negligence or intent of the TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL, restricting the scope of liability stated above it is not valid.
Liability as provided above are based on commercial standards. A liability for damages caused by the defect is excluded.

9. Refund
The client has the right to return merchandise for up to 10 days of receipt of merchandise. If used the right of return, merchandise must be shipped immediately back to TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL, but not later than 10 days from the date of receipt. The customer will bear the cost of returning.
After receiving the return (entry) TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL undertakes to refund the purchase price.
Until taking over the goods by TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL the client is responsible for the goods and it’s taking every risk. Customer right on refund at the purchase price is only valid if returned merchandise is found in the same condition as the receipt of the order by the customer.
If the customer returned goods are not in the same state as receiving an order, TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL has the right to choose to return only part of the purchase price.

10. Place judgment and applicable legislation
In case of divergent and lawsuits, Romanian law applies exclusively. To the extent that is allowed, the TERRA BANAT INTERNATIONAL SRL headquarters is agreed as venue for all claims from business relations.