Terra Banat sustains quality through natural premium products.
We support Romanian agriculture and genuine products in the purest way. Terra Banat hemp oil is manufactured in Banat: from seeds and growing to processing until the oil is produced and bottled.

Manufacturing process

Manufactured with passion

We are proud to produce one of nature’s perfect oil.

Planted, grown and processed in Banat, a 100% authentic Romanian product.

More about manufacturing

From nature for you

100% natural cold pressed hemp oil

The ideal balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3

For the most efficient cholesterol regulation in your blood

Gamma-Linolenic Acid

Hemp oil is rich in the super poliunsaturated acid.

Strong and natural Antioxidant

Stimulates your body self-defense in a natural way.

Diabetes and blood pressure

The compounds found in hemp oil help reduce blood pressure and reduces sugar levels found in your blood.

Premium packaging, with care

The Terra Banat Hemp oil comes in a carefully manufactured packaging so your oil is as fresh as it can be.

Energy Value/100g903 kcal / 3712 kJ
Total Fats 99 g
Unsaturated Fats 88,7 g
Omega 315,7 g
Omega 654,2 g
Omega 9 14,4 g
Carbs<0,1 g
Sugar<0,2 g
Protein0,87 g
Salt0,06 g

Hemp Oil

Manufactured with passion and packed carefully

Terra Banat hemp oil is authentic from Banat

and we dare you to discover all the benefits

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